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Sing the Body-Instrument Class Descriptions:

SBI Series 1: Singing 101 

     • Learn the physical anatomy of the vocal instrument and how to use it 

     • Find out the greatest enemies of the voice and how to avoid them

     • Master proper breathing techniques to improve pitch control and endurance

     • Discover lifestyle choices that will help keep the voice in good shape

     • Establish simple warm-up methods to sing with greater freedom and expressiveness

No pre-requisites, for beginners to advanced singers.

SBI Series 2: Basic Ear Training

You will build upon the lessons from Series 1. 

     • Use popular songs to train yourself to hear and identify the harmonies, rhythms, and structures 

     • Learn to how to use scales to sing on pitch so you can sing more accurately and with less effort

     • Discover how to resonate sound within the “Three Voices” to add sonic color, texture and emotion

     • Find out how to use your voice properly so you can sing for a lifetime without risking injury

Pre-requisite: SBI Series 1 

SBI Series 3: Creating YOUR Sound

     • Build upon practice routines, learn vocal improvisation exercises

     • Study other singers from many genres to unlock the secrets of their vocal techniques

     • Learn how to how you can incorporate these techniques to create your own unique sound

Pre-requisite: SBI Series 1& 2 

SBI Series 4: Live or Studio Performance Training (NEW)!

     • Incorporate live performance skills, mic techniques, how to set up and maintain equipment, 

        how to get the best monitor mix during sound checks

     • Learn how to prepare your body, mind and voice for a recording session and 

        how pace yourself to get the best recording possible

     • Refine your skills, create more vocal power, expand your range, explore self-expression and 

        increase your confidence

No pre-requisites, for beginners to advanced singers.



Fee: $50 hr for any series above
(2 sessions minimum per month)

(1991 - Present)

• A consumate working musician, has logged over 5000 gigs in over 20+ years in the music industry as a professional singer, dancer, songwriter, producer

• Studio session work as singer, percussionist

• Voice Over Artist for radio and television

• Opened for and Performed with Grammy award winners:
Eddie Vedder, Cyndi Lauper, Jose Felicano, Pat Benetar, Yes, Randy Travis, Darius Rucker/Hootie & the Blowfish, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Collective Soul

Nominated for Best Female Indie Rock Artists by Women in Charge Radio, Atlanta, GA 

• NA HOKU Hano Hano Award Nominee for "Best Original Rock CD of the Year"
• Nominated "Entertainer of the Year" by Borders Books & Music
• Recognized by Hawaiian Academy of Recording Arts for:
  "Best New Artist, Best Songwriter, Producer of the Year"

• Voted "Best Musician on Maui" by Maui Time Magazine

1980 - 1991: Performed in various acoustic duets for weddings, private events


(2002 - Present)

• Gained Integral Yoga certification to incorporate yogic breathing and stretching techniques into my vocal curriculum

• Expert experience at Mind/Body techniques to better express creative freedom, release stage fright and build a stronger instrument

Sing the Body Instrument (SBI)
(2001 - Present)

 • Held SBI classes as non-credit college courses at North Arkansas Community College and at Senior or Community Centers

• Held workshops, group and private sessions

• Member of Arts Education for Children's Group (2003-2008)

• Music Theory Instructor (2009-2010) for students ages 6 and up specializing in children with ADD/ADHD

• Developed a 3 year course curriculum for beginning choir for grades 6-9 for Kihei Charter School of Maui




• I developed the techniques used in my own vocal regimen to cope with my grueling live and studio performance schedule (performing up to 20 hours a week) 

• Created the concept then developed "Sing the Body Instrument" vocal training program

• Implemented age-appropriate lesson plans customized to mentor students in the fundementals of singing


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