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Yoga for Trauma Recovery:
Trauma can have devastating effects on the body and the brain and can cause emotional disorders, obesity, heart disease, anxiety and depression.

Practicing Yoga is a very simple yet powerful antidote to heal this damage.
By combining breathwork, mindfulness and gentle movement, Yoga can provide a profound and effective tool for healing from, and coping with, trauma. 


Trauma survivors may become trapped in a feed-back loop from the emotional past and find it difficult to escape from what triggers those negative thought patterns.
These patterns govern words, behaviors, relationships and physical health.


The mindful and meditative elements of Yoga teaches survivors how to center the mind through breath-work and gentle movements to bring them out of the emotional past and into the present moment. This clears the mind and counteracts the traumatic "echo".

About the Class:
This gentle practice is for individuals who have experienced trauma.
Learn simple yet deeply profound skills to reduce the destructive effects of trauma.
This practice helps to heal while giving you the tools to cope, become stronger, healither and lead a more productive life. 


Release. Recover. Rekindle.

This class is for anyone between the ages of 10 - 100.
Exercises are performed sitting in a chair.
Suitable for beginners, seniors or those with injuries, chronic pain or limited mobility.

Private sessions may be held in your own home.
Group sessions are offered in churches, correctional facilities, drug treatment centers, and behavioral/mental health facilities.

NOTE: Having been a survivor of trauma myself, I discovered Integral Yoga on the journey of my own healing process.
This practice was the key to my survival. 
As a result, I became certified to teach in 2002 in order to share this profoundly healing practice with other survivors and their loved ones.

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