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For War Vets:

Every  single day, 22 American veterans take their own lives in the United States. These brave souls served their country and then return from battle to face even greater challenges struggling with issues like PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) or other injuries that have left them incapacitated. Many live on limited incomes and little support making it difficult to cope.

How are Yoga and Meditation helpful?
This program is specifically designed for with our Veterans unique needs in mind,​ empowering and transforming their lives and those closest to them. Its restorative and teaches them invaluable tools to cope with the after effects of combat or living with a disability. 

For Senior Citizens:

Seniors are the fastest growning demographic and face many challenges associated with aging.  They too struggle with limited incomes and societal pressures. Aging is inevitable yet not an easy thing to face;  Isolation, grief/mourning and loss of capabilities are just a few of the challenges faced by Seniors. 
This program is designed to teach students graceful aging strategies enabling Seniors and restoring their dignity through self reliance. 

Yoga and Meditation offer invaluable tools:
Liberating and rejuvenating this program is specifically designed for improving eye sight, heart health, muscle strength, joint flexibility, balance and cognitive issues, such as memory and attention span. 

Sponsorship Opportunities:  Service for those who have served for us 

Help a Vet or Senior Citizen by supporting this grassroots program! 
All lessons will include gentle stretches and breathing exercises that release muscle and emotional tension to decrease and manage pain. Aromatherapy and Deep relaxation techniques reduce the effects of aging and can greatly help with PTSD, Depression and Anxiety

Students will get a free 30 minute consultation before their first session to evaluate and create their fitness routine and can choose to take lessons at home via SKYPE or to band together with others in a studio or community center to practice together.

Students will learn a routine they can integrate into their home practice and will receive an Email of their practice plan. 
A home practice allows students to integrate their new routine into their lifestyle​ and can be practiced anywhere.

Contact: to make your arrangements.