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In the Studio
Techniques to prepare you for your next recording session


• Learn The Secrets of Getting a Great Performance

• Why its Important to Pace Yourself & How to Do It

• Keeping Your Cool - its difficult to get a great take if you're frustrated.

   Learn tools to get you in the groove and keep you there

• Communication Skills

   (Breaking the Language Barrier Between Singer, Musicians and
  Recording Engineer)


• Foods That Can Help or Hurt Your Performance (and other tid-bits)

• Organizing Your "Session To Do List" to Maximize Effeciency and
  Reduce Session Fees


• Making the Most of Rehearsal Time BEFORE you get to the Studio


PHOTO: Anastasia during the recording sessions of her HOKU HANO HANO AWARD nominated CD for BEST ORIGINAL ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR.
Pictured here in the control room at Walter Becker's (of Steely Dan) Hyperbolic Studios, Maui

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