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Misc Sites of Interest:

  • Live Groove Hawaii - Eddie Aviles' website. Wedding services, music, art & much more!
  • Gideon Freudmann - Gideon plays an electric cello with real time looping gear and fertile imagination - He calls it CelloBop.
  • Stephanie Sachs - Fine art, paintings and more!
  • Sherri Reeve Gallery - One of Hawaii's leading watercolorists! She beautifully captures the very essence of tropical plants & wildlife of Hawaii.
  • Sam Roloff - This website is designed to let the visitor get behind the scenes of a working artist. Most artist website only show finished and archived works if art. Sam Roloff's follows a method that allows the viewer to not only see the work in progress but to also make comments that could change the direction of the painting.
  • Jifffy Web Maker - Used it to build the site!
  • Operation Delta Dog - Rescues Shelter Dogs, transforming them into Service Dogs for our Vets!