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Optimized Process


We saw a post to submit a list of gear lost in the fire......I lost a
very large collection of instruments so I'm not going to
comprehensively list them, but there were a few things I lost that I commonly used for work, not sure honestly if I'll ever be able to replace most

My primary instrument is double bass - I lost a Shen Willow 3/4
flatback SB-200 bass, with a very expensive set of strings (Gensslers)
and a large collection of backup strings.  Of course my case, wheel,
bow, and all that were lost too.  It was a major logistical ordeal
bringing the bass over to Maui from the seller.

I lost a Bergantino bass amplifier and 2 x 12 speaker cabinet, again
logistically very hard to get here

I also lost a very nice Martin dreadnought guitar which might have
been the most used instrument.  I have played many in stores since I
lost it and have yet to hear one that speaks and projects like it did.

I lost 12 electric basses

I lost over 50 effects pedals

Very large collection of parts, strings, tools, pickguards, pickups,
just way too much to list.